The Infratube concept – Join us

Join the discussions and pitch your expertise on how this idea can revolutionize Infrastructure and Transportation by integrate people transport, goods and mail transport, data, and electricity cables in an enclosed self-baring system.

The fundamental criteria for the concept:

The tube elements are manufactured individually. They are first printed by huge 3d printers and then all technology is added in a factory. After completion they are sent and assembled, being linked together on chosen location, and becomes a coherent unit with windows where needed.

The tube elements are X meters long and has a diameter of X meters and connect to each other in assembly. The tube is horizontally divided in the middle. The upper half of the tube is a maglev train system and is for personal and big goods transport and is air pressure regulated. The lower half has a service tunnel, data cables and pneumatic posts systems.

The enclosed system ensures zero pollution and can have high speeds of transportation without endangering people and animals. An enclosed system is set to meet the challenges of environmental changes.